Friday, October 27, 2006

Eleven Things I Hate

I've been pottering around other author websites, mostly to steal ideas for my website. It's nearly there incidentally - Anyhoo, I digress. There seems to be a growing number of people who like to fill up slow days on their blogs/sites with pointless lists of their most favourite things. My Eleven most favourite songs, My eleven most favourite motivational quotes, my eleven most favourite low fat high fibre snacks.


I mean, who cares. Who really cares whether or not they like Huey Lewis and the News. Not me.

But, in the spirit of following the throng I decided this blog would be vastly improved if I popped in a list. I don't think I've got the attention span to think of eleven things I like, however, when it comes to things I dont like, it's hard to stop at eleven.

  1. Gardening shows - pointless, boring and pointless

  2. Travel shows - boring, pointless and contain Katriona Rowntree, possibly the most pointless, vapid person on the fact of the planet.

  3. Drivers who are enamored of thier Mazda 3 and like to go REALLY fast. To facilitate this they slow down to 30kms until the road ahead is clear and then FLOOR it. Get A Life.

  4. Moths - gnashing their gnarly teeth, just waiting for a chance to sink them in.

  5. Wind - in every form

  6. Capsicums (see 5 above).

  7. Pizza people who ignore instructions and slather 6 above all over supreme pizza. NO Capsicum, means Do Not Put Capsicum On The Pizza.

  8. Annoying patronising men in hardware shops. "Does Madam know what Madam Wants?" Oh yes indeed, Madam wants you to bugger off and be facetious somewhere else.

  9. The washing, the hoovering, the cooking, the cleaning, the nappy changing... Lets call it MY LIFE.

  10. People who record the Top Gun soundtrack onto CD and put it in the car's DVD player Every Single Time I am going to get in the car. Thanks honey.

  11. AND
  12. Lightbulbs - yes, lightbulbs. If they're going to explode or do something spectacular then they wait until I turn them on. I hate them, but only cos they're all out to get me.


And that is just my list for this evening.