Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Week So Far...

Kitchen was trashed.Oh who am I kidding. Kitchen is always trashed.

Baked some scones.
Baked a cake.
Ate the cake.

So baked another one.
OH OKAY. Its the same cake. But I DID bake another one. Its been a cake baking week.
THEN today...
Oh sigh.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Puppy Love

How big is he getting? Here he is helping dig holes in the front garden.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Its ALIVE...

Hubby's been having a few health issues of late. So, the other day he went for a sleep test. He had to spend the whole night all wired up like this. Slept like a log. I have no idea how he did it. They even had cameras in the room filming him.

We'll find out in a few weeks if he has sleep aponea or anything like that - as one who sleeps next to him every night my money is on him not having sleep aponea - just cos I'm the mother who wakes up if one of the children is fidgeting more than usual, so I think I'd have noticed by now if he was stopping breathing. But you never know...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I got me some holes!

Okay, I'm excited. The start of my orchard.

I think they're never to young to put to work.So that's the front yard and Louise-next-door's house is the yellow one behind hubby. Oh and ring of sticks around the dog is marking out where part of the path will be.

We're putting in five dwarf apples, a cherry and an almond tree - both dwarf as well. And an espaliered pear hedge behind hubby.

So in about five years or so my boring-as front lawn is going to be covered in fruit trees looking like this...That's an espaliered quince courtesy of There will also be a strawberry patch, an asparagus patch, rhubarb, avocado trees instead of the horrible hibiscus, and even a raspberry/blackberry patch instead of the murryana hedge.

Yup, not a blade of grass in sight. The possums will be in heaven.

In a few years. Hopefully.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brief Update

  1. Children - still driving me insane - BRING ON SCHOOL. They have taken to stealing and hoarding food (I blame their father).
  2. Puppy, cute as ever. Still peeing randomly about the house. Seem to spend my entire life cleaning up shit, but am frequently unsure if it is his or 1. above.
  3. Vege garden. Doing very nicely now cooler weather has killed all the slugs. Out of season random seed selection planted by 1. above all growing. Kind of.
  4. Orchard. Fruit trees have arrived and despite repeated nagging nobody has dug holes for them to live in. DIG ME A HOLE (okay five). I gave birth to your 1. above. AND they cut my perineum with a pair of scissors when I did it. A PAIR OF SCISSORS. Is it so much to sodding ask?
  5. Counselling. Going nicely thank you.
  6. PMT. Present and accounted for. My boobs hurt.
  7. Dailybooth. You will have noticed I have taken to plastering more of myself across the internet on a daily basis. I have no idea why I am doing this - only all those trendy Gen Zed-types are doing it; and I just like photographing myself and then laughing at my double chin. Please feel free to email me and a) be amazed I am a natural blonde, b) tell me I'm vain or c) relate a long story about having your perineum snipped with SCISSORS whilst you were WATCHING d) bitch about someone who won't dig you a hole when you ask.
  8. Mother's Day - Got a wii fit. It thinks I'm 55 and I have to come up with reasons why I'm putting on weight AND heavier clothes or child attached to leg are not on the excuse menu. Sniff. A wii fit does not make up for 1., 4. and 7. above.
  9. Went riding. Predictably painful experience. Going again tomorrow, will try to remember to take some photos. Made tit of self asking what the "horse (like a horse you'd have in the gym to do back flips over)" apparatus in the stable was - was treated to description of how sperm is extracted from boy horses. WHICH I KNEW (having studied Equine Studies some years ago) but was just having a brain-fried moment. Truthfully, I had hoped never to be reminded.
  10. Ikea: I have to go to Ikea to get a big girls bed for Miss Three. If I went to Ikea now, when suffering from 6. above the problem would not so much me lying on a display bed and sobbing when I got tired. But more coming home with $400 worth of impulse bought woven baskets.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Sydney Eventing World Cup Qualifier

So, thanks to wonderful Kylie who gave us some tickets, the family and I went off to SIEC (Sydney International Eventing Centre which is off Wallgrove road out the back of Fairfield) on Sunday. It was the Sydney leg of the qualifiers for the World Cup in Eventing, so there was Showjumping (above), cross country and dressage (which we missed).

The photo I took on my mobile so I'm sorry its crap and I promise to post up some decent ones when I find them. The kids were great, well except for when Miss Three shrieked unexpectedly and it could be related or not, but at that exact moment the girl in the ring fell off. We left then. Quite hurridly. Just in case.

Had been thinking it was about time I flung leg over horse, and seeing all those beautiful horses has cinched it. I may (or may not) be astride a horse by the end of the week. My arse hurts just thinking about it.


Bleugh. Have spent the last week or so glued to microsoft money sorting out the household finances which a) had not been glanced at since June 2008 and b) were in an appalling state. Living to a budget has never been a forte of either hubby or I, however, now that I am retired and he is 'casually' employed (meaning we have no way of knowing if income will be arriving in the next week or not) this situation must change.

So, have pretty much got it under control, apart from the credit card, which the accounting program seems to think is $5K in the black, oh if only. IF ONLY. Internet banking is helpfully telling me that this is not quite the case.

I've also been doing meh chores like my tax (last year), sorting out things with Medicare, you know, the beyond tedious stuff. Feeling virtuous about doing it all, as well as a little daunted about the financial situation. Besides this the study is looking less of a mess. But only slightly.