Sunday, September 17, 2006

Shuddering to my very marrow.

Am beavering away on my next lot of edits. Have been banished to the shed. Hubby is sick and tired of having me planted on the couch, myopically staring at a laptop. So, now I am perched outside, laptop plugged into the power in the shed, sat on my office chair with my little table, next to the very green pool. It'd been quite nice if it wasn't for the mozzies, today they are targetting my upper arms.


I hope it doesn't rain. Actually that thought is blasphemy round here, what with the drought and all. I hope it does rain, but not on me.

I know I've mentioned the sexy bits in Running Scared before. Editing them makes me shudder to my very core. Don't ask me why, its just awkward dissecting such intense scenes. The worst today was having to deal with a typo that made musky read as musty. And no, I'm not going to put it in context!!

I've also just dealt with my most embarrassing grammatical error. My sentence originally read -
He almost laughed; there he was, in the middle of Laos, standing on a landmine with an erection.
With the cheery comment "This would read better if he stood with an erection on a landmine."

I mean really, how's a girl supposed to know that you have erections before you stand on landmines and not after!


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