Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday Night Cocktail Party

Oh had a very nice time at the cocktail party. Being here on my lonesome I took myself to the Baa to be a bar-fly (a long time occupation of mine) and watch the world go by. Of course being in a hotel with 200+ romance writers in it, I wasn't lonely for long. After five minutes I was joined by two ladies in witch outfits on my left, and then a few minutes after that joined by three more ladies, also in witch outfits on my right. Yes, a coven of Romance writers.

I had a stripy top on and my new scarlet shrug, which had, until that point, seemed quite the latest thing to wear. Apparently I was wrong. Almost everyone had dressed up in enchanted outfits and the cocktail party was heaving with faries and witches and wizards.

I met up with Crissy Brashear and Angela from Samhain Publishing, which was very exciting. Not to mention Cindy Hwang from Berkley. I'll put up some photos when someone emails me some.

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