Tuesday, August 11, 2009

George goes to Playgroup

George has his own special spot in the car. Here we are off to playgroup. Its freezing cold and raining today, which means I've brought hubby to playgroup to fully experience being locked inside an echoy hall with fifteen or so children. Funnily enough he spent most of the time outside on his phone begging recruitment agents to get him a job, any job.I love being on playgroup morning tea because it means I can do some baking. George, the kids and I made chocolate yoghurt mini snack cakes, Madelines and an apple teacake. Really they were only things that got me through the morning, oh that and three cups of tea, which hit my bladder at the exact time the toilets backed up.

Miss Five has given up eating anything that isn't loaded with sugar. That and her mania for computer games has me convinced that I shall be up for Parent of the Year at any moment.

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Sami Lee said...

Hi, I love you. I just couldn't see the 'O people love me' empty post list anymore.

George has such a fun packed life.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOO for loving me :) I love you too, no really...

I feel stabbed in the heart every time I see 0 people love you as well.


Cait :)