Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New Lappy

It has been pointed out to me that perhaps the rest of the internet is not as thrilled by pictures of lettuces as I am. sniff. I find this extremely difficult to believe. Extremely. Next you'll be telling me that photographs of my clean laundry pile, or before and after shots of my desk when I'm in tidying mode are equally mundane. Pfffft. As if.

So, you have suffered with me through the loss of lappy. Well, disaster upon disaster and the billion year old computer that I was using to replace lappy had spat the sodding dummy as well. Bastard. Hubby is still job-hunting and finances are tighter than a rodents behind around here. The plan had been to hold off on buying anything except take-away food, ice-cream, chocolate, alcohol, waygu beef and gadgets that fit into the cigarette lighter of the car etc... until hubby was once more gainfully employed. BUT, faced with the prospect of sharing hubby's half-size laptop that is still not quite right after he poured a cup of coffee into it, we realised that a new laptop for me was going to be less expensive than a divorce and the resulting counselling bills for the children.

So, I am now in possession of a MacBook. Yes. Not only is it a new lappy, but we've gone to a Mac. Why? Actually I have no idea why. The discussion about what to buy went kind-of like this... (kind of)

Me: Stupid bloody f*king bloody wretched half-assed bloody machine
Hubby: I think its borked
Me: Har, har, har. Also, don't mess with me, I'm doing re-writes and PMT is approaching along with a full moon...
Hubby: No, seriously, its borked.
Me: Did you know Bron keeps misreading borked for corked and having a drink when I write in on the blog? I'm going to have to start timing putting up my posts better (not at 6am). OMG THE BLOG THE BLOG. Will I ever be able to update it again? (this is where I went from denial to er nial, or something. Hmm. That sounded funnier in my head).
Hubby: Calm down
Me: No, waaah, pass me chocolate, waaah.
Hubby: You are on a diet
Me: AND SCREW WEIGHTWATCHERS - this is a disaster. You get extra points for disasters. I read it somewhere.
Hubby: Its time for a new laptop
Me: (Calming quickly) What sort of laptop?
Hubby: Well you could get a Dell, or another Benq
Me: Do they come in purple?
Hubby: Er
Me: If you were me what sort of computer would you get yourself?
Hubby: Well a Macbook, without question, they are the best.
Me: So that's not good enough for me? Hmm?
Small bickering session ensues with hubby getting defensive and me taunting him about walking so easily into that one - I mean you've been married to me for six years now love, and that was a seriously amateur mistake.

So, I have my macbook. Its very lovely, but not having really used a mac properly since around 1987, I'm not yet up to warp speed. Also its quite easy to delete things on a mac. Who knew if you put the shortcut for the program in the trash it deleted the whole thing and then your husband had to be all 'ner ner nee ner ner' before he reinstalled it. Ahem.

On a serious note...

Writers; twice in the last month I've nearly lost access to all my work. However I use to automatically back up all my work to the internet. It is FREE and EASY and has saved my sanity, my marriage etc... Use it to back up your precious manuscripts. That is all.

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Lyndel said...

Yes I think the lettuces have had their 15 minutes of fame! Congrats on your new addition Lappy,the 2nd

Anonymous said...

Dropbox is brilliant!!
Plus I don't have to worry about taking a copy to another computer, it's just there!
Have fun with your new toy, oops I mean work implement.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the latest addition to your family Cait. I hope you have many wonderful years together.