Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fire Weather

We've got fire weather. Forty degree heat and a horrible hot gale. Frankly it may as well be a blizzard for all that we can go outside. The lawn is burnt to a crisp, the liquid amber's leaves are drooping, and all the gum's are shedding their dead branches, mostly onto the part of our roof that is made of tin. Bang, BANG, clunk. Hubby is dying to go outside and play with the swimming pool. The new pump was installed on Friday, after two months with no pump and warm weather, the pool had turned into a primeval bog, seething with mosquito larve which seemed immune to blasts of chlorine. The filter has taken care of them now! Alas it is too hot to even stand on the pavers out there. I was hanging out the clothes, but had to come inside and do some blogging. Far far too hot.

I've been down to Hornsby this morning with Beanie in search of colouring-in books, things to paint and other distractions. We shall be having a cup-cake cooking extravaganza later on as well, and then once the garden is shaded, around 5pm, we'll go outside for a bit of splashing in the paddling pool. They're still predicting a late change, lordy I hope it hurries up.


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