Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm Published!!

Hurray! Running Scared went live at midday.

So how on earth did I get to this point?!!

Pregnant with Bugalugs, my second baby, I was exhausted, overwhelmed and depressed. My husband suggested I do some writing, a project just for me. So I set my self a goal, get to Chapter 3 and I can join Romance Australia, a couple of months later, I filled in my application form. So on to the next goal, finish the book and I can enter the Emerald writing competition. I nervously sent the book off, and didn't do too badly in the competition, and I got some great feedback.

After a rejection from Mills and Boon, just for fun I submitted the book to Samhain Publishing, not really thinking that it would get anywhere. After all it was my first attempt at writing and I fully expected to have a draw full of 'practice' manuscripts before I got anywhere. A week after sending it off I received a contract via email. I couldn't believe it!

Linda, my editor, and I have had a heavy year of editing. Running Scared needed a lot of work. I completely tossed out the first chapter and rewrote it, changed pages and pages of description into dialouge, and included several new characters. Linda patiently taught me all about commerical writing, passive voice, and how to punctuate.

And now here it is.


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