Monday, May 04, 2009


Bleugh. Have spent the last week or so glued to microsoft money sorting out the household finances which a) had not been glanced at since June 2008 and b) were in an appalling state. Living to a budget has never been a forte of either hubby or I, however, now that I am retired and he is 'casually' employed (meaning we have no way of knowing if income will be arriving in the next week or not) this situation must change.

So, have pretty much got it under control, apart from the credit card, which the accounting program seems to think is $5K in the black, oh if only. IF ONLY. Internet banking is helpfully telling me that this is not quite the case.

I've also been doing meh chores like my tax (last year), sorting out things with Medicare, you know, the beyond tedious stuff. Feeling virtuous about doing it all, as well as a little daunted about the financial situation. Besides this the study is looking less of a mess. But only slightly.

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