Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two weeks to go...

Crafty people - they're doing an awesome raffle over at The Red Thread to raise money for flood victims.  Link here .  You can win a sewing machine, sewing patterns, sewing kits n' everythink...  I was once a crafty person, cross stitch and tapestry being my main vices, however, since the advent of kids... well you know the story.


Two more weeks of school holidays to go... 
  • Miss 5 is chucking daily tantrums that she does not want to go to kindi, despite having spent all last year in a 'transition' year at the same school and is moving into the next door classroom.  
  • I have spent all my gardening money on school shoes.  
  • I have dragged out all the uniforms, and untold random white school socks that I am trying to match according to their level of greyness.  
  • And I have whipped out the iron (for the second time in twelve months) to start ironing on name labels. (It was also my inaugural use of my Brand New Mosman-ish Ironing Board Cover - which, incidentally, matches my oven gloves - never let it be said I don't have this interior decorating thingy down pat)
  • All of this is in the hope that it will make the next fortnight go faster
  • Also my children are nagging me about Easter.
Because I am not quite exhausted enough, I am also making my next assault on the Vile colour schemes in this house which I have lived with for seven long years.  This week I am painting over The Brown in the main bedroom.  This year is the year of me, and me can no longer endure The Brown inflicting itself upon my boudoir. 

Oh and I'm changing the name of the Year of Me - is sounds a bit, yanno, self absorbed (what?), am now calling it the Year of Wellbeing.

Laters :)

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greenfumb said...

I no longer bother trying to work out the level of greyness of the socks, if they vaguely resemble each other they make a pair to me. If my kids don't like it they can fold the damn things themselves.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

All the best for The Year of Well-being Me.