Saturday, February 05, 2011

Melting, I'm melting... also underpants

FFS, about day 550 of 40+ temps.  So over it.  The garden is breaking my heart, what with the temperature and the high winds everything is burnt to a crisp. I'm watering as much as possible - but I think even if I had the sprinklers on 24/7 we'd still be losing stuff, the heat is so intense and the UV so high, that it's sunburning all the leaves.  All the cucumbers, zuchinni, my blueberry patch, lettuces and remaining strawberries are stuffed, even my lone pumpkin is badly sunburnt.  sigh.  I always hate gardening in summer.

As we've been pretty much housebound due to the heat I have been trying to use my time productively, mostly this has involved yelling at the kids, but inbetween I've been clearing out the pantry.  Illuminating experience that.  Let's just say that if there is a cinnamon stick shortage in the future then I've pretty much got the whole suburb covered. 

All this housewifely endeavor has not been with out its pitfalls, oh goodness no.  I emptied the detritus at the bottom of various draws into rubbish bags with holes in them no less than THREE times, hubs has given up putting the dustpan and brush away and now has them out on standby.  I also plunged one of the aforementioned drawers into the over full sink, causing an epic tidal wave that soaked my only pair of shorts - I took them off, as they keep falling down anyway, only to discover that...
1. My underpants were on inside out (again).
2. When I clench my buttocks it makes the tag at the back stick out, relax and it lays flat again.  (see, a silver lining - a new talent - should I add it to the Resume? Yes? No?)

Due to present cashflow issues I am considering using the expired goods for dinner tonight - draw the line at 2009 maybe? No, perhaps 2008?  Oh I kid.  But you can sieve weevils out of flour, right? right?


I appear to have missed welcoming the Chinese Year of the Rabbit - though oddly, had a random Chinese food craving on what turned out to be Chinese new year - spooky eh? 
So welcome, year of the wabbit, I hope you don't turn into the year of Mr Wabbit - for OS readers this is a vastly witty pun on the name of our opposition leader Mr Abbott, who likes to parade around in budgie smugglers and use natural disasters and the misery of ordinary people to further his own agenda and display his vast insensitivity and self-absorption, erm anyway, skip that part, just look at the cute picture below...

or Xin Nian Kuai Le
or Happy New Year

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, you sure have an interesting life. I may need to try the underpants trick. I have been home a long time and my brain has turned to mush. I need to upgrade my skills. Would that be considered a skill?