Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is it a Tomato? or is it The DEVIL??

Hard to tell really...
The last week at Chez Nicholas has included...

  1. Speech therapy appointments, 
  2. Counselling, 
  3. Dance Spectacular rehearsals,  
  4. Excursions, 
  5. Swimming carnivals, 
  6. Dance Spectacular performances (2.5hrs worth, I kid you not), 
  7. more speech therapy appointments, 
  8. kids parties, 
  9. Weightwatchers weigh in (getting back to 67kgs (went up to 75kgs for a bit there!)
  10. Cooking, shopping, cleaning (etc)
  11. doctor's appointments (to get referrals for more counselling and dietician appointments) 
  12. Request for a partial of my latest novel
  13. Watched a documentary about chickens (Did You Know their eyes work independently, so when one is looking at the ground the other is checking the weather - seriously)
  14. And driving, driving, driving (I do 600 - 700kms a week in the car, and mostly don't go outside a 15km radius of my suburb)
  15. Oh and Libby had a baby boy!! (my bestie who lives in Sweden)
The next three weeks looks pretty similar (apart from anyone giving birth) and then, horror of horrors, the long school holidays begin.

I will be blogging during this time, oh hell yes - am already looking forward to the post about the entire Nicholas family staying in ONE ROOM when they go to visit Jenolan Caves.  (We'll have to share a bathroom with backpackers as well. Shiver.)  But as you all know, my blogging always gets a bit spotty over summer, so I apologise in advance.


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Stikandmel said...

You'll love the caves if you've never been before. We have just recently taken our 3 kids up there and it was fantastic - can't rave about it enough!! Make sure you go down near the lakes and have a look for the platypus', i think there are 3 of them. My girls were amazed to see them 'for real' and not in a tank at the zoo!!

Love reading your blog!

Liz Beavis said...

the chicken doco sounds interesting, what was it called?  where can I get it?

Veggiegobbler said...

I'm giddy just reading your week! Wish I'd seen that chicken show but I was out. Maybe They'll repeat it.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Chicken show is on iView for a bit longer, and they usually do repeat them :)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Hey Liz, its on iView...

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Hey :)  Thanks for your comment.  I know the caves well, but not been for years, since I was a kid.  My kids and hubs have never been there, so looking forward to introducing it to them.  Thanks for the tip about the platypus, we'll go and see if we can see them for sure :)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

It was called Secret Life of Chickens :)