Friday, December 02, 2011

Bloggy Slackarsery

Yes, yes, if there was an award for bloggy slackarsery (and there probably is) I would be a contender.  Life, at the moment, is consumed with Miss 5 and getting her myriad issues under control - well, trying to figure out exactly what the issues are and then trying to get them under control.

A sensible approach, I'm sure you'll agree.
Its war.

We are living with a 5 year old dictator, who we are somewhat unsuccessfully attempting to overthrow.  Its rather like a Fijian coup.  A great deal of stamping about, shouting and waving of arms, but in the end the same guy ends up in charge (ie, her), and life continues exactly as it was - but, with an added layer of knowledge about the capabilities of the opposing parties

Yes. Like all good despots, she is not going quietly.  The riff-raff who've had the privilege to serve under her (ie, us) are rising up, and she Does Not Like It At All.
If she had a band of minions (and I swear she's working on the prototypes) then they would be sacrificed without turning a hair.
There is no crime too outrageous, no line that cannot be crossed, no limit that is... er.... limiting.

Actually, am desperately proud of her.  She'll go a long way, Miss 5, if she learns to stop confessing to her misdeeds and gets better at hiding evidence.

Wish me luck.

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Sue Webber said...

Interesting picture there luv! ;-D Keep up the good fight, you'll get there in the end :D ♥

Simply Belinda said...

Ohhh Dear,

As tough as this feels for all of you this is a war she needs you to win.  Everyone needs to learn to toe the line, to a certain extent, at some point and it's gotta be a heck of a lot easier on the person involved if they learn at 5 rather than 25 when the stakes are soooooo much higher.

Kind Regards

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Thanks Belinda :)  And yes, a million times easier to learn at 5!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Ta muchly Sue :)  

Mel said...

I think your next book should be a dictionary.  Slackarsery - I love that word