Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meal Plan Thursday: The Diet

I'm on a diet. I'm on a HUGE diet. In fact I may have died of starvation by the end of the day.

As I mentioned some weeks ago, I recently changed pill and this caused a 5kg weight gain. It didn't bother me because I'd rather have the weight gain than the side effects of the other pill. However, just between us I was somewhat narked off that I didn't get to EAT all that weight on (yes, that is an appalling attitude, I do agree).

Still, a dieting I must go.  In addition to the pill weight, I'm carrying 10kgs worth of grief eating around my middle from last year. I hate it.  I hate the way I look. I hate the way I feel.

I also hate people telling me its okay.

Its not. Its really unhealthy. It is not okay when my stomach sticks out further than my size E breasts. That is not okay.

Me being fat is not okay with me. (Frankly I don't give a rats arse what anyone else thinks about it, its none of their business. The important thing is how I feel about it, after all its my body, and how I feel is crap).

I've been a fan of weightwatchers for YEARS. I've lost significant weight with them twice. I think if you need help losing weight then they are the people to see.

However, this time around, just for the sake of interest and messing with my own head, I've decided to take a different path.  One of my idols, Lisa Curry, is running a weightloss program on her website, and I have signed up.

Its very low carb, I'm eating in a whole new way, I don't know if I'll last, but I'm up to week 3 and so far its been a fun experiment.  If I get sick of it then I'll be straight back to weightwatchers - I still have my online membership.

Therefore, no meal plans for the time being. However, I am feeding hubs and the kids as per usual, so I might stick up the odd recipe from time to time.

Shall let you know how I go :)

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Kim Parish said...

Hi, I'm thinking about doing the Lisa Curry diet and would like an honest opinion on what you thought? Thanks Kim

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Hi Kim,
The diet was fine - if a little heavy on the onion. I can eat everything, and I do wonder how someone with intolerances would go.

I stuck with it for about 3 weeks, I lost weight and I realised how much I relied on carbs in my diet, and how bloated they made me feel. I am now much more confident about leaving the carbs out of a meal, i.e. just have salad and protein and knowing I wont be fainting from hunger two hours later. I felt really good when I was doing it, and I think the diet is sensibly thought out. I did get hungry, and ate a lot more fruit than they recommend to keep myself going. My energy levels were also much better than usual. I didn't follow the exercise plan, but kept on with my usual walking.

My main reasons for not continuing ...
1. Too repetitive (I logged on recently and it seemed that they'd started to add some variety e.g., instead of salmon you could have prawns, so maybe that is less of an issue now)
2. Too hard with a family to feed as well - Miss 7 is incredibly picky and I was ending up cooking a meal for them and a meal for me, and it was just too hard to maintain

I"m a huge fan of weightwatchers, I've lost significant weight with them twice, and I think that if you lost weight on the Lisa Curry diet you'd need something like WW when you went back to your normal diet, or you'd just put it all back on.

Hope this helps and good luck with your journey
Cait :)

Narelle said...

Thanks for your honest opinion Caitlin with the Lisa Curry diet. I have been thinking about joining for a few months now and have been looking for someone else's experience with it. I think I'll give it a miss. I'm confident I can manage the basics myself without paying an extra $20 a week. I am glad I stumbled upon your blog though. I too am a writer and love to see others succeeding in our field.