Monday, September 03, 2012

Spring Peas

Regular readers will recall the great garden disaster of a few months ago.  This involved me leaving all of my seeds out in the rain for several days, leading to panicked planting and the resurgence of my vege garden at a time when I was rather over the whole gardening thing due to failure after failure.

Serendipity smiled on me, and now I have a garden filled with abundance, despite my ignoring it for days on end.
The peas got all mixed up, so we've got snow peas and normal peas all growing together
The kids and I stand in the sunshine and eat snow peas after school
We picked these for dinner tonight
Is there anything more perfect?
And the sweet and delicious result.

We ate them with baked chicken and roast vegies, including baby turnips from the garden as well.

Doesn't get any better :)

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farmer liz said...

yay! so good that you planted those seeds.