Sunday, January 06, 2013

In the last three days...

On Friday

The view from here...

Its trashed.  The entire house.  There is not one single surface that is not piled high with clutter.

It was all lovely and neat and tidy when the holidays began. A situation which lasted an entire two days.  To be honest the laundry is probably the best of it.

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"It never ends. It just never does. #theviewfromhere #fmsphotoaday "
On Saturday


Hubs gave me this charm for my birthday.  It says Me, Myself and I.  He wanted to remind me that its okay to take time for myself.
I wasn't sure about it, at first.  But its grown on me.
In fact I love it.

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"Mine. #fmsphotoaday my latest charm, it says; me, myself and I"

On Sunday


I may* have had a slight sense of humour failure about the pit that my lovely house has become. 
*I totally did.
So today the blitz began, with the packing away of the Christmas tree.  
The trouble is, now I can see all the dust.

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"Movement. Moving all the Christmas bits back to the shed. #fmsphotoaday"

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Georgie Tyler said...

The charm is sweet.