Sunday, February 24, 2013

Press-ganged relatives may never leave...

After a hiatus of some years the newsletter is back!

Coming out monthly its going to keep subscribers up to date with my latest releases, plus there will be heaps of give-aways, exclusive stories and some really neat surprises...

Sign up!  I'd love to get to 1000 subscribers :)

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If you are interested in joining Cait's Crew, my awesome band of helpers who assist with everything from promo to research, click here (it'll take you through to the form on the website).

These wonderful people get occasional emails from me asking things like 'does anyone know what Tahiti smells like' and 'help, someone please go and like The Danger Game on Amazon' and 'if you read this scene would you throw the book at the wall.' Also they get to be on my Christmas card list and be extra specially loved by me.  You may leave at any time*

*Please note blood relatives who have been press-ganged onto this list may never leave.

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