Monday, March 25, 2013

Warp Speed Mr Sulu...

Things are back up to Warp Speed.

On the weekend I made a lot of lists, many of which began with...
1) Stop eating easter eggs
2) Clean house
3) Budget
4) Buy new bra
5) Save whales

I call these lists, To Do (Eventually), and usually happen upon them in several months time only to find I can't tick a single thing off

Some lists are so much more fun, like this one below, I call it To Do (Writing)
  • Write Running With The Hunted - its turned into a trilogy.
  • Do a Maggie Lawson course
  • Send out newsletter (sign up HERE) oh there will be prizes!
  • Edits for The Bunker (out July 2013)
  • Write guest posts for the Danger Game blog tour (fifteen of them, yikes)...
It starts in a month!
Of course being at warp speed is not without consequences...

Mt Washmore has reached epic proportions

With more still on the line (they may have been there for some time)
Half a tree fell on the washing line and broke it, sigh
 And the pool is still breeding new life forms...

And so it continues, much as it has always been

2 people love me:

Georgie Tyler said...

The Hills hoist looks a bit lopsided weighed down by all that washing! Love the blog. Life is full of jobs which keep you away from what you really want to do. Don't I know it!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Heh! A tree branch is responsible for the state of the HH, not hub's underpants, although they're probably not helping ;)