Sunday, March 31, 2013

Alpaca a Lunch

The kids and I headed off to Mum's place last week to do some Alpaca hugging.

This lovely lady is Hermoine, she's always been the tamest in the herd and even though she's just had a little cria she's still happy to be made a fuss of.
Hermoine the Alpaca
They're looking a bit of a motley bunch because they roll in dust to clean and protect their coats.

No one wanted my lucerne.
Okay, who wants some lovely lucerne?
That's Christmas Carol - the little cria that was born on Christmas Eve
No one at all :(
I'll take that as a no then
That's Hermoine's cria in the background, he's two weeks old
In other news, I've got two blog tours coming up and am buried in interviews and guest posts.  I've got some lovely stuff to give away (including timtams) so I hope everyone gets a moment to comment and enter the comps.

The first one, for Drive Me To Distraction, kicks off in a week...
drivemetodistraction (1)

No rest for the wicked!

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