Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Miss Bugalugs.

Today Miss Bugalugs turns two. Christmas/New Year is a manic time in our house, with two birthdays amidst the usual celebrations.

I fell deeply in love with Miss Bugalugs the moment she was placed in my arms. Even then, when she was just a few minutes old and howling the place down, it was clear she had incredible spirit and life. She hasn't let us down.

She is stubborn and persistent, never defeated, loud, tempremental, and can throw and tanty that even impresses the child-care workers at her daycare. She's never scared (except in thunderstorms) and gives everything a try (okay, not any form of vegetable). She loves to dance and sing, adores the Wiggles and knows how to work an iPod and a DVD player. She is one of the best cuddlers I've ever met, she has this way of relaxing onto you that makes you realise that no matter what, everything is going to be alright. No is her most favourite word in the world, closely followed by Mine.

Happy Birthday little girl, I love you.

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Jess Dee said...

Happy Birthday.