Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Starting to get Christmas Fatigue

Spent a lot of time yesterday making biscuits. Christmas Trees with red and green icing plus silver balls (dragees I think they're called, or maybe cachous - oh I dunno). The kids helped and the little silver balls are still lurking all over the kitchen floor. Of course the dog doesn't like them. Only I would end up with a picky dog.

Also made stained-glass biscuits. Cute bikkies that you cut a hole in the middle of, add bashed up boiled lollies (I had to get the lump hammer from the shed to smash the ones I bought, I dented the rolling-pin on the first attempt), the lollies melt and form a stained-glass middle to the biscuit. Looks rather good.

For once it all went smoothly. Nothing burned, nobody choked, no tantrums. I know. The house was filled with Christmas cheer and the smell of baking. Lovely. Not the usual story at all! It did take me over four hours to get them all made though, AND the little petals at the Playgroup party today prised out the stained-glass bit, ate that and left the biscuit, but other than that a huge success.

But am starting to get Christmas fatigue. Worrying if I've got the right presents, or enough, and the food. Its too early to buy food yet, but I'm still worrying. Will the vege shop have brussels sprouts this year? If so will there be enough? What if they smell like pond slime as they did the year before last? (Yes, I invest a lot of emotion into my sprouts).

And then there's the Chrissy cards. Have GOT to do them by Friday. All forty odd. Plus the overseas presents. We are not giving up and ordering hampers this year. Too expensive. Must send presents by Friday.


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Suzanne Brandyn said...

lol Cait, Sounds like the perfect scene out of a fifties movie. Do you wear an apron when you cook.

It all sounds scrumptious. I love Christmas, so I will leave on this note, and wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope you have a good one.

Suz :)

Jess Dee said...

My, oh my, those biscuits...YUM! They sound delish.

Suzanne - love the 50's movie scene image.


Sandie Hudson said...

You are a wonder. Cleaning and cooking. Come to my place PLEASE, I have no interest in doing any of that stuff. Well not anymore now the kids have grown.

I don't send Christmas cards anymore, not since my dad passed away. I ring everyone the week leading up to Christmas, that way I get to have a good chat with them all.

Mot sure if I wished you a Happy Christmas or not.
So MERRY CHRISTMAS ans a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family.