Friday, June 20, 2008

Rootkits and Packet Sniffing

In my quest for writing a novel based on as much fact as I can, I have entered the world of rootkits and deep packet sniffing.

The IT department at work have generously been educating me.

Yes, like you, I was all, rootkits and packet sniffing? Surely you are only talking about obscure computer hacking terms? I was like that. I was. But then I giggled. Australian's are incapable of not giggling when the word root is mentioned, its a cultural thing. Giggling about the word rooting that is. Not the actual rooting - that's pretty much worldwide as far as I can tell. Anyway, I giggled, and then I blushed scarlet.

Yes. Scarlet.

Now I have lost what little dignity I had and in front of the grinning IT department. Apparently it gives one a sense of achievement to make a romance novelist blush.

Though, I should confess that its not hard to make me blush. I seem to have been hardwired to do it on command. During my school years on the bus I was TORTURED by snotty little boys (who might now be lawyers and barristers and financial advisers on telly, BUT I REMEMBER YOU WHEN YOU ONLY WASHED ONCE A WEEK IF THAT).

"Don't go red," they'd all chorus at me. I obligingly went red, mostly due to the attention I'd garnered.

Of course then I grew boobs.

Nobody noticed the colour of my face for years after that.

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Rachael Blair said...

I think I would have blushed too! But seriously... what the hell are rootkits and packet sniffing? Sounds dodgy if ya ask me...

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Yes, Cait,
What in the hell are rootkits and packet sniffing?
Sounds lol.. Rach... more than that... druggy...

Suz :)

Anonymous said...

Ah rootkits and packet sniffing. Where do I start...

A rootkit is a program written by a hacker that takes control of the operating system of a computer.

A packet sniffer is a program that captures and analyses data that is passing between two computers. So it could be used to see if you are sharing music across the internet with someone or be used by a hacker to find information that would help them break into a computer system.

Well you did ask.


Jess Dee said...

Hey Cait
Good to see you back at your blog!
*Sigh* One of my fave shops in the world is the clothes store, Roots.
It's Canada's answer to Gap. And all of their tops have the word "Roots" emblazoned on the front.
*Sigh* Can't wear anything from the store here in Oz.