Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Second Round of Edits

Second round of edits have just arrived, and I have the extremely short deadline of Sunday night.

Plus I'm flat out at work from Thursday.

Yes. I am coping in my usual unflustered style.


Try, head on desk muttering "It'll be alright, everything will be just fine..." over and over.

Just 2hrs until I can open a bottle of wine...


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Kirsty C said...

Wow, that is some quick turnaround time. Both how quickly they got back to you with the next round of edits, and how quickly you need to have them back in.

I guess it all works alot quicker in the e-world. I think it's good -get it all over and done with so you cant spend too much time procrastinating.

But how do you find it Cait?


Anonymous said...

Hey Kirsty

We're behind deadline, which is why we're in fast forward at the moment. The book still has to go for final line edits, which another editor does, then back to me to fix up, and then has to be prettified and made e-ready.

To be honest I do some of my best stuff under-pressure - I find it easier to focus. However, that intense focus is wholly supported by my husband and family who have to put up with me turning into a computer bound hermit, who emerges from her lair to stress-out, snarl and eat junk food and then disappear not to be seen for another four hours. The kids get narky, the house goes to hell in a handbag, work can't get any sense out of me and the local take-aways can fill my order just by recognising my voice.


It is a good thing hubby loves me!!


Jess Dee said...

Cait...you're in deep edit?
No wonder you've been so quiet of late.
Yippeee. Can't wait to get a copy of your new book!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

lol Hi Cait,
Good Luck with your edits. Sounds like full steam ahead.. but as an author you love it. lol.

Wondered why you had been quiet..

All the best,

Sami Lee said...

Good luck with it Cait. I know you'll get there - that's why they give us authors a deadline. Else we'd procrastinate until the end of time.

Have you got your cover yet? I'm dying to see it.