Thursday, July 10, 2008

Secret Intentions

YAY, finally the cover of Secret Intentions, and the blurb. How cool?? The e-version is out 23 September and its up on the Coming Soon pages of the Samhain website already.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse…

Zani’s mission is simple. Go undercover as personal assistant to the loathsome Corbin de Villiers, prove he’s leaking corporate secrets, and leave him to the tender mercies of the fraud squad. Her family name will remain untouched by any hint of scandal, and she can get on with building custom-designed yachts.

Things get complicated when she discovers that Corbin is less loathsome—and far sexier—than she’d ever imagined.

Corbin’s new PA may be easy on the eyes, but she can’t even find the computer’s on button. He has no choice but to fire her; still, she doesn’t take the hint. Everywhere he turns she pops up, keen to divert him from tracking down the person who is out to destroy his company.

It’s crystal clear that she’s up to something. Maybe it’s better to keep her close. For investigative purposes, of course. That she’s temptation with a capital T has got nothing to do with it. Nothing.

Complicated doesn’t even begin to cover it when Zani is kidnapped by the Russian Mafia. Entangled in a rapidly unraveling web of lies, Zani and Corbin must learn the rules of this new game fast…or die.

This title contains graphic descriptions of luxury yachts. Oh, and some hot sex, as well. A moderate amount. You have been warned.

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Suzanne Brandyn said...

Great cover Cait, I just love the colours. Off to have a look at Samhain.

How exciting for you YAH!

All the best,
Suz :)

Rachael Blair said...

Congrats Cait... the thrill must never stop of seeing your new book for the first time!!


Jess Dee said...

YAY, Secret Intentions is almost available.
Can't wait to read it.
That cover is awesome. Boy, it screams Romantic Suspense.
Oh, and your warning made me laugh out loud!


Sami Lee said...

Jumping in late on this to say congrats on the upcoming release. I've been waiting for this cover and I can see you've been blessed by the cover faries again. Well done, it looks and sounds terrific!