Saturday, July 05, 2008


Well, the edits that were due last Sunday nearly killed me. Sensibly, very sensibly, I was editing when feeling under the weather on Saturday (yes I was hungover - hey it gets my internal editor to shut up and things flow better - yes I am justifying myself). Only late on Saturday I realised I had left the latest edits I'd done on another computer that I couldn't access until Monday and that I had been Editing The Wrong Document all day.

Yes, Karma.

So come Monday I manage to get all the changes into the one document, then come Monday night am doing the last finishing touches. Shut the document, pat self on back, have glass of wine and compose witty email to editor. Go to attach file. CANT FIND IT. Yes, had accidentally saved it in the email temp folder and when I opened the version sitting in Outlook it overwrote EVERYTHING I HAD DONE.


Two hours later it was all back as it should be (and we're talking way past midnight now) and I have never been so glad to see the back of a manuscript ever.

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