Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Getting on with Things

Firstly thanks to everyone for their kind emails. I appreciate the support.

We are getting on with things. We picked up Ella from the vet yesterday and have buried her in the garden under a beautiful climbing rose. We miss her horribly, she was part of almost everything we did and its going to take a while to adjust to life without her.

The kids are pretty bewildered about the whole thing. I've explained that Ella got a nasty tick and died at the vets and won't be coming home. Miss Four and a half accepts this, but Miss Nearly Three thinks she's been stolen by Santa. Hmm. They ask me about Ella every morning and I explain again and I think in time they'll understand she's not coming back.

We do plan to get another dog, but not for a long time. Yes another Cavalier, perhaps one that has been given up rather than a puppy.

We had treated Ella with a preventative for ticks just six days before she got the tick. However we were having troubles with the stuff not getting rid of fleas and it looks like it wasn't working for ticks either. We were not using Advantix because it is toxic for cats and Pepper is still with us. I'd chosen not to put a tick collar on Ella because she comes into contact with the children so much, but with the clarity of hindsight I'd rethink both these decisions if I had the chance.

So life goes on.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed this and haven't sent you anything but as you know I've had some horrible things of my own going on.
We had to leave our old cat and dog in Australia when we moved up here and both have since died and even at this distance it was heartbreaking.
My thoughts are with you all right now.

Jess Dee said...

I hope that rose bush gives you many beautiful flowers, Cait.

RC, we had to leave our dogs in South Africa. Broke my heart twice. First saying goodbye and then receiving the phone calls from friends a few years later to say first one, and then the other had died.

Can't even write this without tearing up.


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Thanks Jess and Rhian, I so appreciate your support.