Friday, December 12, 2008

Bloody Marvellous... No Really

So we've had another day of rain. For over twelve hours its been pissing down. Yes, I am obsessed with weather. Plus it nearly burnt our house down (oh ALRIGHT, nearly set the pool filter on fire, allow me some dramatic flair (flare?? snort).


Only ME.

Water and electrictiy do not mix. They create fire. A fact which we are aware of and had taken precautions against. Only in this case it was the actual safety switch that keeps the pool filter safe that got wet and caught alight. In addition to this our main protection - the clipsal safety switch in the main fuse box - took some time to go off. To start a fire like the one below in torrential rain there would've had to have been one hell of a lot of sparking.

What you're actually seeing is one hell of a lot of expensive damage - that blue scorched box is the automatic cholorinator which wasn't cheap, and I suspect the pump motor isn't going to have fared well either. The pool electrics are going to have to be totally replaced (for the second time in as many years). Plus its the second time the clipsal hasn't gone off when it should've which means it can't be trusted (which is a massive worry) and will have to be replaced asap. Plus the resulting power surges have fried one of our computers - the one we keep all our movies and DVDs on. Yes. All the kids fave movies gone.

Bye bye bedroom makeover. But at least I got the carpet.

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Suzanne Brandyn said...

Such a shame Cait... Hell some burnt damage. Oh hell, our lights are flickering. We too are still experiencing the flood from the heavens... I wish some one would turn the damn tap off.
Luckily most of the storms have by passed us... but a lot of thunder and lighting...And yes, I too am really obsessed with the weather of late.

Shelley Munro said...

I'm out blog hopping instead of doing housework. :)
It looks like you had a lucky escape.

Sami Lee said...

Jess you can be an unlucky one, can't you? Sorry to hear about the filter, but most of all the fried computer. Nothing worse!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness it didn't get any worse than that!
Hope this doesn't put a dent in your lunch money for the 12th.

Jess Dee said...

I'm with RC.
Thank God it wasn't worse!
But still, I'm sorry. That's a whole whack of annoyance and trouble I bet you just don't need right now.