Saturday, April 25, 2009

They are trying to send me to an early grave...

Or Why My Children are the DEVIL.

Here is the vacuum cleaner in the backyard. I spent the afternoon vacuuming the patio. As you do when you are totally knackered and about to have a nice sit down with a cup of tea and admire the turnips you just picked.They look quite cute and harmless don't they - my children. Little innocent people, running around with their umbrella hats on.
Only they came up with something better than rain. So much better. They came up with snow.
Yes, they emptied the entire contents of a bean bag onto the patio, and the first that hubby and I knew of it was them shrieking 'snow, snow,' and Miss Four asking when Santa Claus was coming.

Of course they chose a day when the wind was sitting on 30kmph and gusting up to 50kmph. Thus creating snowdrifts ALL OVER THE GARDEN.

This stuff is impossible to pick up, too light to sweep and at the same time so static that they cling to everything. Thank goodness we've got a Dyson, so it was able to suck them up, and then we could empty the barrel back into the bean bag - along with quite a few unfortunate ants. It still took hours, and the wretched little things are going to haunt me for months to come.


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