Friday, April 02, 2010

How to Win Dogs and Influence Eagles

Okay, something slightly different this morning - never fear am planting half-dead Tea Camellia's later and shall have lots of photos - promise.

Peta Clark is an amazing lady (though she'd hate that I said that, but she IS).  She trains animals, and not just any animal; birds, seals, elephants... you name it. (Sadly she doesn't do husbands).  She trained Sebby and was part of his very early life when, around this time last year, I was struggling with small children and a puppy and I realised I couldn't give Sebs the support he needed.

Peta has written a wonderful article on animal training on Dog Lover's Digest. I love what she says about building trust and reading body language and just the sheer consideration for our fellow creatures. Oh that we could all live that way. At the end of the article she says...
None of us should be surprised by the confidence an animal gains from not being forced into a situation that makes them feel threatened. As always, when we think of situations where we have felt nervous, for whatever reason, we know how grateful we were when some kind soul understood and respected our need. Whether that need was ‘silly’ as in getting the heck away from an innocent creepy crawly or more sensible in a serious situation, people who show us empathy and care are always people we feel we can trust. It’s the same it seems, whether you are a man or a mouse.
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