Thursday, April 01, 2010

Delightful Day

Today has been one of those day. Clear. Cool. Autumn in the air. Kids tired but in a good mood. Friends up from Adelaide dropped in unexpectedly WITH chocolate biscuits. Hubby now off for four days.


I love, love that I have friends who feel comfortable just giving me a call and saying they'll be over in an hour, or less.  Okay so the house is always messy, but yanno, the house IS always messy.

Today was the first day of the school holidays for the screamies.  I've been looking forward to the break from school - its been quite an adjustment, keeping up with the new routine, and getting library bags (with books), sports bags (with uniform), homework, hats, correct (clean) uniform on correct child, hair done (with ribbons),  underpants on, not to mention all school lunches and the driving.

I was a bit flummoxed about the amount of homework that'd been sent home with Miss 5 for the holidays.  However, at around 6.13 this morning she was already happily sitting at her desk practicing her reading and doing a spot of colouring in.  I didn't realise the extent to which she enjoys learning.  I've got heaps of reading, writing and maths activity books - went a bit mad in Borders the other day, ahem - and both kids have been devouring them.

We're spending Easter in the garden.  Clearing up mostly, things need a good tidy (yes my life is a mess, I know this).  Planting up my alliums bed and once more planting beetroot, carrot, asian greens and lettuce, for the third month, and hoping they don't get fried by an unexpected hot day or devoured by chickens.


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Melissa @ Suger Coat It said...

Good luck in the garden. Gotta love a PERFICK day. lol

Rachael Johns said...

Oh so glad to hear someone else has gone crazy with those activity books :)

Anonymous said...

Have a Happy Easter weekend.

Madmother said...

My two would KILL me if I made them do homework in the hols, but we only get 10 days.

Have a great Easter, and remember, today is World Autism Awareness Day also.