Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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Despite new batteries camera is still Not Happy.  Its had a hard hard life.  Was present at the birth of both  children (Hubs still traumatized about that experience, poor love. I mean imagine how he'd be coping if it'd actually been hitherto unseen parts of his OWN anatomy being snipped with a pair of gigantic scissors??  Sorry, was that TMI, I can never tell) and has spent an unseemly amount of time being kicked around with the detritus in the bottom of the car, dropped, sat on, lost, found, and thrown off roof (and all I have to say about THAT is that I was LOOKING INTO THE SUN. THE SUN. Ahem).  Am not surprised its getting a bit wobbly in its old age really.

Still I managed to coax a few pics out of it...

Potato patch with anti-chook defences - note chooks digging up peas at the back there.  Seb's pretending he's not thinking about chasing chooks - yeah right.

Shallotts (golden) I planted this morning.  Have found these do incredibly well with total neglect and almost no watering.  Hoping they'll form a nice edge along my alliums bed.

I'll begin planting sweet corn in this bed in August - therefore it is my Sweet Corn bed. Have put in a quick winter crop of lettuces. Each row is a different type of lettuce - had a lot of packets I bought a couple of years ago, so have used them all up as they were about to go past their use-by date.
The plastic mesh does a great job of keeping the chooks from digging it up.

Below is my leafy greens bed for this year.  Which is really a euphemism for Things I Can't Decide Where To Plant.  Leafy Greens sounds so much more gardeny.  What I have here is a large pile of sheep poo and behind it, under the anti chook wire, some very short rows of parsnips, carrots, swedes and beetroots. 
This is the bed I've planted up twice and had everything decimated by chickens, slugs and the weather.  So I'm keeping it really small, rows of only around 70cms, and if I can get something growing in that corner then I'll start to expand out.


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Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

We cleared our raised beds at the weekend, took out the summer stuff, we didn't have to do it all on our own though beacuse the piglets helped clear some all on their own! Needless to say home are sought after yesterday!!!