Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Its only me, isn't it

I've lost some weight - nothing dramatic - but progress is being made, and, all of a sudden, my bras have got loose (well the ones that haven't been through the dryer).  Today I was wearing a particularly annoying one, and the strap kept falling down on one side, which kept leading to OMG THERE'S A SPIDER ON ME moments.

So there I am, driving along in heavy traffic just about to fetch the screamies, and I feel the strap start to slide.  Well I hoick it back into place, and...

No there wasn't really a spider
No I didn't drive into a tree/lamp post/ idiot driving that stupid SAAB
No I wasn't stopped by the police

My hand slipped off the strap as I pulled upwards and I punched myself in the jaw, snapping my own teeth shut and leaving a perfect imprint of all of the back ones in my tongue.

Drew blood.  Really really hurt.

I was just wondering to hubs earlier, is it only me that these kinds of things happen to?

I have a nasty feeling that it is.


Despite this I had a good days editing today and got down some new words for Boys of Summer. Hurray.


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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. No, you are not the only person these things happen to. It is pretty damn funny. Sorry.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Don't worry Caitlin, some time in the future them pesky boobs will have dropped so much that you will be able to tuck them in yer knickers! Problem solved! :D

Belinda said...

Rest assured that you are not the only one. In the last week I have walked into a doorway, the side of the kitchen bench, put a chair down on my foot etc.. Lets just go with you're not alone and leave it a that why don't we.

Kind Regards

Olive said...

If anyone knows how to stop bra straps sliding off the shoulder .... please let me know. Mine are forever around the top of my arm.
Had a chuckle at your story Caitlyn, I can picture it happening, sorry.

Quixotic said...

No, not just you. I know exactly what you mean by the OMG Spider!!! moments, my bra strap gave me one while I was driving, causing me to swerve madly, skid out on the gravel shoulder, narrowly miss a fence, end up facing the opposite way to where I should be and do the frantic monkey-dance on the side of the road to get the imaginary spider off!!

Christie said...

Had to comment, coz you crack me up. Thanks. Oh and I'm not laughing at you...though I would have, if I'd been there.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

lol Cait. NO, it's not just you. lol.. Love the cutie pic. :)

I know how to stop bra straps from falling off one's shoulder, take them off, I mean the straps and wear strapless ones. lol... Theres some great strapless bras at Bra's and Things.

Suz :) Hope your day smoothed out after all that. Oh, and that mouth. Ouch!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Oh Sue, have been chortling over your comment since it arrived this morning :)

Oh Belinda, I'm in good company then.

OMG Quixotic.

Hi Christie :)

Thanks Suz :)

Being Me said...

If it was only you, I wouldn't have a 5cm scar gouged into my forehead - self-inflicted by my thumbnail over 10 years ago when I was putting on a jumper and apparently didn't know where my head was.

And I'm with Olive: I want someone to get a grant into working out how to keep the freaking bra strap ON the shoulder. Not embracing it from the side.