Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Worm Plague

Today is 'International Mufti Day' at the screamies school.  Meaning that you send your child dressed as someone from another country.  I feel I have, once again, out-done myself by sending them both dressed in various shades of pink, purple, red and yellow and deeming them to be CHINA.  Just to make sure that nobody confused them for... I dunno... Holland or somewhere, have printed off Chinese flags for them to wave around.  Yes. Yes. I should have whipped up a QiPao on the sewing machine or something (traditional Chinese dress - which I always want to call a Kung Pao - which, as it turns out - is a chicken dish).

Must. Try. Harder.

Now, I vaguely recall myself whinging about not getting any rain a few weeks ago.  Since then we've had almost a quarter of our usual annual rainfall INCLUDING 84.3mm between 1 June and 5 June.  The worms were all so panicked about drowning that they took refuge in our shower - by way of a small hole we have discovered in a corner. 

Mmm. Just charming. 

Now that they have discovered the delights of our bathroom (not a place for the faint-hearted) they don't want to leave, and do, in fact, seem to think its some kind of Worm Brothel. Many have commenced intimate relations in full view of everyone.

Miss 5: "What are those ones doing?"
Me: "Having a cuddle."

Anyhoo.  Tomorrow has been deemed bleach the bathroom and whip out the builder's bog to patch up the hole in the floor - which, I hasten to add, has been caused by rotten wood around a door frame which we are ignoring because that part of the house is going to get renovated just as soon as a rich relative dies we can afford it. 

And you thought my life was non stop Oprah and gossiping on the phone, interrupted by the occasional burst of novel writing...


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Olive said...

ROFL. That's all I have to say.

You are a scream Caitlyn

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

I gave to an award, Check out the blog :D