Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Over Parenting

My six hundred and fifty first post. Ah!  Well, actually its probably more like my 700th or so, but in a moment of paranoia some years ago I deleted a lot of posts from late 2006/early 2007. Posts which I think I have lost (or maybe on an old computer somewhere?? will get hubs to investigate).  There was a lot of indiscreet ranting (hell, I was tired, I had a baby and a toddler and book deadlines) AND that was in the days before it was easy to post photos online, so no great loss really.

Aw, sweet little girls playing at the beach... or so it would seem.
School holidays.
Its hell.
Total and utter hell.
Allow me to elaborate...
Miss 4 is extremely tired and over-wrought and is having one screaming tantrum after the other - the best one to date kicked off at 6am and continued until 8, slowed down for an hour and then started up again at 9.  She is also refusing to listen to a word I have to say and this has led to her running out into the middle of a road, taking off across a busy carpark - three times, and running away from me at the beach (she would not stop, and was quickly becoming a speck on the horizon, so I had to go after her dragging Miss nearly 6 along with me).

Its got to the point where I am going to buy a wrist-tether for her and we shall wear it in public - yes humiliating for all concerned, but if she thinks that running away is some big joke and that her Mum is just there to be ignored, then I don't think I have a choice.  Better that than a run-over child.

Earlier today I took them down to the beach, its cold here at the moment, but we did shoes off with dire warnings about not going near the water as there was a heavy surf.  Within five minutes Miss 4 was soaked to the waist and being dragged screaming into the car - I did have dry clothes, thank goodness.  We came right home and have spent the rest of the day watching movies, colouring in and 'resting' after we have started the one billionth fight with our sister.

I am tired, frustrated, torn between strangling her and cuddling her and on the verge of tears over my own apparent inability to parent my own child. I mean she's FOUR, how hard can it be??  I am nearly FORTY, why am I reduced to sprinting up the beach bellowing like a lunatic??

I've read all the books, I know all the theory, and nothing is working.

So over this today.

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Rachael Johns said...

Caitlyn Caitlyn Caitlyn - I HAVE one two and he is HELL! Swings between being an angel -child (very short swings) and being an absolute monster beyond any chance of reasoning. My only consolation - school next year. Yes, we start LATE in WA!

LOL - word verifcation - mershe - which is VERY close to a French swear word, isn't it? Seems appropriate!

Belinda said...

No Suggestions here, just support.

That sounds like more than any parent is going to deal with well. I hope Miss 4 catches up on her sleep soon so at least the tantrums calm down that would have to be totally draining for all involved.

Kind Regards

dixiebelle said...

I am having one of those days (weeks, years??) too... it can be hard trying to parent on the 'normal days', let alone those wish-they-were-over-already and I was tucked in bed with a good book, or crappy TV show (and some good FT chocolate) sort of days!!

Buy that wrist tether... hey, strap her to your leg 3-legged-race style if you have to.. you don't need the stress of a run awya child, or the thought of worse.

Hope you get some sembence of peace soon, and find a way to de-stress and get through til more sane times (does that ever happen... I am counting down to it!) Books and theory have got nothing on glass of wine and bar of chocolate at the end of the day!!

Lyndel said...

I blame a recent full moom eclipse, it's sent H nutty too. Hang in there hon,mothers group therapy coming soon!

Lyndel said...

oops I mean moon.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Cos they can be little shits, no other way to describe them! I sat Michael, when he was about 3, at the foot of our stairs (time out)cos I was about to throttle him (I'm a qualified pre-school educator and he still drove me nuts) I walked away. Next thing I hear the front door open and off he went! I ran after him and yelled where the bloody hell do you think you're going?' 'I'm gonna go live with nanny!!' The worst part! Running down the path in me bloody short silk nightie with all the school traffic heading up and down the road. I was seriously tempted to send him back where he came from, but I doubted he would fit!

greenfumb said...

Oh dear, I remember those days. My first was an ANGEL so rather stupidly I had a second. big mistake.

Now that they are teens it has gone full circle
The little devil is now my best mate, studious, tidy, helpful, respectful and the angel has grown horns and a tail.

Really there is no answer to all of this - I think as she is only 4 she will be very very tired, avoid over stimulation, do as little as possible for the first week and maybe the next two weeks will be harmonious. And the TV was invented to be a babysitter!

Anonymous said...

Buy the tether and use it!! At least she won't get lost or run over buy a car. If she hates it enough she might settle down, if not, at least you will have some peace of mind.
Hang in there!!

Quixotic said...

Clearly, drugs are the answer.

So, just let me know what's your flavour and I'll hook you up mama!! :o)