Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting Organised: Bag Nook

Just over a week to go and the Screamies are back to school.  My sense of deep relief is tempered by a strong sense of foreboding, as I think we're in for a challenging term with Miss 6.  The end of last year was desperately stressful, and we've been working throughout the holidays with some awesome people to make sure that this year is played to a different (better, happier) tune.

I'm still worried though.  And though repeating 'its going to be fine' whilst eating lindt chocolate is helping a lot, I've also been working hard to get the house organised - so that things go as smoothly as possible, and also to stop myself thinking about it all too much.

My first area to tackle has been our bag nook (I always think bag nook sounds like a delicious Middle Eastern dish, maybe that's just me, hmm).

This is how it looked a couple of days ago...

And today...

Going to hang the noticeboard later on
 Hats will go up the top, bags on the hooks, shoes and other guff in the baskets.

I bought a cheap corkboard and covered it with some material from my stash.  This will hold invitations, notes going to and from school, as well as the kids routines - a pictorial one for Miss 6

The school bags have been washed (which is why it is now pouring in Sydney, if anyone was wondering).  Despite strict instructions not to wash them, I kind of had too (ew, that is all), but did it on a delicates cycle with lux flakes and they're all good.

Next challenge is to turn the playroom into a better space for playing/homework. It used to work wonderfully, but its not kept up with the kids changing needs and is now just a cluttered space.

This has all been inspired by...

The Organised Housewife

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Tanya said...

Oh, that looks great. I love the cork board. 

Julie said...

Looks great. I thought it was pouring rain in Sydney, because I washed our queen-sized bed quilt (gets washed maybe once a year) on Friday night.

Melissa Mitchell said...

I love it!  I'm about to set one of these up myself. Am sooo tired of school bags being dumped in the family area.

I was just saying to Joel the other day, I wanted to get a HUGE corkboard for each room in the house, all for different purposes (so office ones for notes etc, bedroom for photos/printables etc...) and wondered if I could pretty them up. Can you use any material? Did you use a staple gun? Can you get corkboards that don't have the frame around them? Or does it matter? (Sorry to pick your brain, I just really love the idea, especially living in a rental and wanting to reduce the number of hooks/nails going up).

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Hi Melissa :)
I used cotton from my stash, but I don't see why other material wouldn't work.  I did use a staple gun, but at first it wasn't working so I started by hammering upholstery tacks into the back of the wooden frame.  Then we figured out that the gun was out of staples. Sigh :)  I've seen people online using cork tiles with no frame, or taking the frame off the board. I used a very cheap cork board and left the frame on, it gave me something to staple into.  
Basically I got some thin quilting wadding (which I had at home), Secured it around the frame, put on the fabric then staple gunned the lot.  Then I stapled on the ribbons, and voila!
There are loads of tutorials online, ones just with glue and some nice frames.

Katrina said...

Wow, I am so please my nook inspired you.  I love your corkboard perfect for this little area!  Kat - The Organised Housewife :)  

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Thanks Kat, and thank you for the mention on your blog today :)  I love your blog and I was so excited to see myself there!!  Best Cait :)