Saturday, January 07, 2012

Summer Peaches

WOW, its been an amazing start to the year!  I had so much fun with the giveaway contest and still can't believe I had so many entries.  Thank you again to everyone.

Its full swing summer holidays at the moment, and days are spent at the beach or playing (well supervising from under the gazebo) in the garden.

The vegie garden is looking very scrappy, I tend not to grow stuff over summer, as it only takes one 40 degree day with a westerly gale and I lose everything. So I'm harvesting what we've got (leeks, so many leeks!) until its time to start the winter planting at the end of February.

Today we ate the first of our peaches.

They are white peaches and tasted utterly divine
Well, if you don't mind about the wretched fruit fly larve!

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Phillipa P said...

Just consider the fruit fly larvae as extra protein, you could call your peaches - protein enhanced white peaches :)
I stopped trying to grow veges a couple of summers ago, like you I found that a 40 degree day (even with shade cloth) makes it all cactus, even if you spend time watering, the plants still don't recover properly.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL!! Protein enhanced! Love it.

Becky3086 said...

If it is the same larvae I am thinking about the mostly stay by the pit, so cut off the sides, not to close to the pit and you will miss most of them.