Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Introducing Vermeer

My mother is an alpaca enthusiast.  To date she's had two alpaca's and two sheep
Jock, Pepe, Blackie and Brindle
Sadly Blackie the sheep and Jock the Alpaca have succumbed to old age in recent months. Leaving Brindle the sheep and Pepe the Alpaca to wander around like lonely clouds in a very big paddock.

Mum is about to kick off her Great Alpaca Adventure, and is in the process of acquiring a flock of knocked-up Alpaca ladies.  However, when the people at the Alpaca stud heard of lonely Pepe and Brindle they sent Vermeer to keep them company.

Vermeer - aged 2
He is only 2 and has never met a sheep before, so is very wary of Brindle (who is taking full advantage and chasing him when she thinks noone is looking).  I wonder what Vermeer thinks Brindle is? Maybe a very short Alpaca who collided with a wall??

We all adore him
 He's also a lot tamer than Pepe and talks to you when you get close.  The whole family is completely smitten and Miss 6 and 7 keep sneaking off to feed him bits of hay and check he's not homesick.


3 people love me:

Sue Webber said...

The are cute in an odd kind of way :D

Rachael Johns said...

OMG - I LOVE Alpacas. Whenever we go on holiday, Hubby jokes that I ALWAYS manage to find the local spot where I can go and visit some :)

Mel said...

I think they have the sweetest faces.