Thursday, March 01, 2012

Rescued by the SES

Yeah, so you know how I said I had nothing to write about..  Remind me not to be so foolish.

There was a horrific crack and crash from our Liquid Amber last night.  And this morning revealed that a large branch (15m long, nearly big enough to circle with my arms at the base) had split off, taking out all the branches below it and landing on the washing line.

It was balanced precariously, and we had neither the tools nor the knowledge to deal with it safely, so we rang the wonderful SES and asked them to come and help us out.

They were here within two hours.  Professional, efficient and... um, messy...  My vegie garden is under all that!

Seriously though, awesome group of people.  Cannot thank them enough for their help.

One of the guys mentioned to me that they were very tired.  It's been a hell of a summer and they were doing 5+ calls out to trees a day, in addition to helping with floods, plus their usual search and rescue duties which had been called upon twice in the last week alone.

What is WITH this weather??

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Sharon A. said...

Argh! Glad to hear you're all safe and sound. We're actually waiting on the SES to pay us a visit with flooding issues. They're flat out at the moment

dixiebelle said...

Oh no, but how excellent they came to help. "The worst in nature, the best in us" I belive is the motto... so very true. Such tireless volunteers.

Your poor vege garden, but better than the house!