Friday, March 30, 2012

Stuffing Self with Yumminess

I was going to title this post Yeast: Potato + Rosemary Pizza and Hot Cross Buns, but I didn't feel it covered the full extent of the gorgeousness that's going on in my kitchen today.

We had some pizza dough leftover from the other night.  We just stored it in plastic in the fridge for four days, and it rolled out and cooked beautifully.  For lunch we just wanted to grab things from the fridge, and ended up with a Potato and Rosemary Pizza and a vege one.

Hubs was cooking
I've also put on some Hot Cross Buns 
Ingredients in the breadmaker tin
My previous post about this recipe is HERE, with links to the recipe.

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Jess Haight said...

Yum and Yum!  The pizzas look and and sound delicious!  I would love to try them. I have never had hot cross buns- and I think it is time I try them!