Sunday, March 18, 2007

Grand Prix Fever

I've got Grand Prix fever.

I spent yesterday afternoon watching the preliminary races and a documentary on Mercedes McLaren, and now, sadly, I'm watching the celebrity race. Alas, it's not very exciting, the commentator keeps shouting at them all to hurry up, and I have to say he has a point. No doubt they're all worried they'll end up like Red Simons last year, when he shot off in the lead, stacked the car on the first corner and ended up with whiplash.

I've been reading about and researching Formula One, since late last year for High Speed. I reserved the TV for watching sport two weeks ago, much to the consternation of my family, I've never voluntarily watched sport in my life. And now here I am, laptop fully charged and ready for taking notes, kids in bed having naps. (GO TO BLOODY SLEEP). Ahem, yes, napping, like angels. Hubby is suffering from role-reversal: has tidied the kitchen, is threatening a roast for dinner, and is looking forward to the Biggest Loser later tonight.

I've never taken much notice of Grand Prix before this, yes it seems to come and go, and of course we've all heard of Michael Schmacher. But really, meh! However with a bit of background reading into the politics behind it, the whole thing changes. What really hits you between the eyes is the sexism. They don't even bother to hide it, they're not even subtle. How Megan Gale and Layne Beachly manage to stand there and smile whilst even the interviewer makes annoying cliche comments about women drivers I don't know. I suppose they're used to it.

The other thing is the way the teams work the media to portray their drivers as absolute super-heros, and all the drivers ever talk about is the wonderfulness of their sponsors. McLaren is a classic example. Alonso thingamajig is being interviewed and he has said the word Vodaphone eight times in the last three minutes.

And I have to laugh at Bridgestone Tyres catchphrase... The must-have tyre for Formula One. Yes well, Michelin stopped making F1 tyres in 2005, so if they don't have Bridgestones, they don't have tyres!


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