Monday, May 26, 2008

Eurovision Song Contest

Well, I'm in a right cranky old mood this morning. Is it because...
  1. The cat got attacked by a dog and its cost us just under $600 in vet fees - NO
  2. One of my children and my husband are both sick and underfoot on My Day Off - NO
  3. I ate an entire packet of caramel crowns yesterday - NO
  4. The price of petrol - NO
  5. The price of groceries - NO
  6. I have a giant spot on my chin - NO
  7. Mortgage interest rates - NO
I'm a right cranky mood because Portugal didn't win the Eurovision song contest.

Russia did.


I know. One manky singer with a violinist and an ice-skater was better than the lovely Ms Portugal and her slightly Greek looking backing singers.

Sigh. Is there no justice in the world? Even Terry Wogan - the pithy British commentator - sound cross about it. Rumour has it, that it was a "done deal."

Am still trying to come to terms with the French singer sucking helium out of a blow-up globe to make himself sing falsetto. AND the Azerbaijan dancers, never have I seen a g-string so far up a bottom crack - HOW did they still manage to dance like that? HOW?

Its a mysterious world.

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Anonymous said...

R U ever not in a cranky old mood

Kirsty C said...

Hi Caitlyn,

I missed it, but got a bit of a running commentary from my hubby while I was reading in the other room. Seems he went to watch his regular 'Top Gear' recording and found he had Eurovision instead..he he.

Apparently there was a girl of about 20 who already had nanna arms, as he called them. And he was a bit concerned about the original sex of the Swedish singer. I dont think he got to see the Portuguese girl, but I youtubed her and agree she has a great set of pipes.

Russia...who'd of guessed they were so flamboyant? I bet that iceskater was wearing one hellava high g-string too.


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Oh yes I loved the Swedish one - very, very scary - wouldn't have liked to meet... er... her in a dark ally.