Monday, September 22, 2008

Better Now

Well thank the lawd for anti-biotics. The purple, pus-encrusted goobs of flesh that were my tonsils, I am happy to report, are more or less back to normal.

What? What was that? Too Much Information you say? Aah yes. My speciality.

Just wait until I stop being shy and start sharing about awesome spots I've squeezed... hey I could take photos as well...

Well, it'd beat telling you all what I've got playing on my iPod. (Snooore - and I don't mean snoore because my taste in music is boring, just that I never have any idea about what songs people are talking about when they write that sort of thing on their blogs. If it wasn't a hit in the 80s or currently being played on the radio then I have NO idea).

And yes, I did download a-ha from iTunes last week. I dearly wanted to lose my virginity to Morten at the age of 14 and nothing has changed since then. NOTHING.

I love you Morten.

2 people love me:

Sami Lee said...

Nothing has changed? So you're still a virgin then :) I remember that film clip, thought it was awesome. Like, totally.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

I'm saving myself for the right guy!