Saturday, September 20, 2008

Crock Pots

I am goddamn stupid bloody sick again. I know. Its starting to get really embarrassing. So embarrassing that I'm keeping it a secret. Okay, maybe telling the entire internet is not exactly how one goes about keeping things secret, I do take your point on that. However, I know you guys wouldn't tell a soul. My secret is safe. Yes?

Anyhoo. I was supposed to go out last night with the girls. Couldn't due to soaring temperature and rapidly deteriorating temprement. Am most extremely cranky about this. It'd be what... two months since I got to go out to a place that doesn't knowingly allow any under 18s. Then I have to cancel.

So, instead of blogging about the rollicking good time I had and bemoaning my seedy hangover. I am going to chat about tidying the pantry and my new slow cooker.


I don't see why if I am to miss out on a good time you all shouldn't be punished as well.

Look at it this way. Am currently editing Drive Me To Distraction. Trying to make it so that the punctuation actually follows the rules set out by... Actually that's a point. Who did set out the rules for grammer? Well, that's another blog post. But what I'm trying to say is that I could be rambling on about comma splices, passive voice and run on scentences. So consider yourselves lucky it's just kitchen gadgets and an oversupply of baked beans.

So here is my pantry....

Oh KIDDING. That is Chris Jordan's pantry Yes, it makes me want to lick the screen as well.

This is my pantry.

And this.

What am I going to do with all those plastic bags? Err, yes I do use my nifty green bags, but um, sometimes I forget. Okay, more than sometimes. Possibly frequently. Yes, the Entire Environmental Crisis is due to me. Sorry about that. The guilt is a burden I shall carry always.

The four visible cans of tomatos are just the tip of the iceberg. Tucked away at the back I have enough stockpiled to see us through the current financial crisis and into the next one.

Hubby has promised to spend the afternoon clearing it out and making it orderly. (Yeah right).

And this is my new slow cooker, or crock pot. It does plug into the electricity, I just had to photograph it sitting on the hob because the rest of the kitchen bench tops are a foot deep in clutter. And no I am not photographing that as I am trying to maintain the myth that I am a total and utter neat freak.

I love it. Today is going to be 32 degrees (that's 89.6 in American) and I'm still planning on using it.

K, am going back to bed now.

2 people love me:

Jess Dee said...

When I saw the first pantry my jaw dropped open. So happy to see your real pantry looks like mine. (Except I don't have 5000 cans of tomato soup.)


Rachael Johns said...

Oh me too... I almost died and thought I'd never be able to speak to you again it was so GLAMOÜROUS. Was thoroughly relieved when I saw the real one.