Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rainey Day Morning Tea

Weather not so good, kids bored. Always makes for a horrible day. So we ended up in the kitchen and the kids made scones.

Then we had a very civilized morning tea with nice cups (henley shape, pole star, different colours). Note gigantic pile of washing to be folded in background. If you'd like to come over and fold it for me please email. And dead flower arrangement from work to congratulate me on leaving (thanks work :-))

Naturally, I had not had time to get dressed yet (yes, those are my pjs). And don't tell me you don't have mornings where you are so run off your feet you don't have time to get dressed. Well okay so you don't plaster them all over the internet, but I have attention seeking issues. We all know this.Note unwashed hair and gigantic bottom. Yes, that is all my own bottom. Its taken me years to perfect.

And really, at the end of it all, everyone was totally underwhelmed.
But it wasted a couple of hours and I discovered that gluten free flour makes completely crap tasting scones (yes, we've gone gluten free - I cannot describe how this pains me).

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Rachael Johns said...

Oh Cait... you always have me in hysterics. But if we're posting bottom pics, I'd give you serious competition. And yes... although your washing pile is towering, your house looks far too tidy!!! Perhaps I'll show my blog readers just how bad a housekeeper I am one of these days!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm gluten free because I have to be! I'd hate to do it just because. Gluten is in EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
I miss food!!!!
I love the look, I've stared at a similar one most days. LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh, you are so funny!