Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sore Throat & Still in Pyjamas.

Yes, I have a sore throat and a very unnatural urge not to talk much. This is why today's cup of tea looks like a urine sample. Its peppermint tea. Designed to soothe. The cup is in the Gainsborough shape, design called Rose Spray. The backstamp dates this set to between 1945 - 1966. And yes, the handle is a bugger to hold, but you do look dainty doing it.
Operation Clear Out Study is moving along. Okay, so its not exactly got much further, but I have put some books in a pile and realised my copy of The Artist's Way has gone mouldy. This is probably a bad sign.

Its a lovely day and I should be in the garden planting peas instead of feeling vile on the couch. I hate being poorly.

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