Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Great Arm-Pittery Experiment : Part 1

Cold in chest, but getting better after day in bed.  Am just so glad I'm sick now and not when the kids are on holidays :)  Thanks all for kind wishes for speedy recovery.

So, the great Arm-Pittery experiment.  I was perusing blogs a while ago and came across a recipe for deodorant - unforgivably I've completely forgotten the blog, but I'll post it up when it comes back to me.

Note: That is not me in the painting.

This was the recipe: 1 part baking soda to six parts cornflour.

I made up a mix of 10g Baking Soda and 60g cornflour and, using a cotton make up remover pad to dab it on, have been wearing this mix instead of my usual roll on deoderant.

Day 1: Activity low, Weather hot - Deodorant effectiveness according to Hubby - Good

Day 2: Activity medium, Weather hot - Deoderant effectivness according to Hubby - Good
 Deodorant effectiveness according to Mum - "STOP MAKING ME SMELL YOUR ARMPITS"

Day 3: Activity Building chicken coop in 30+ degree heat, Weather very hot - Deodorant effectiveness according to Hubby - Amazing.

Day 4: Activity low, Weather warm - Did not use any deodorant (as part of experiment, honest) - Hubby "Go and have a shower now please"

Day 5: Activity low (but nervous tension high), Weather cool - Deodorant effectiveness according to hubby - "You smell FINE, can we stop this experiment now? Please?"

So there you have it. I'm a convert.  Cornflour and baking soda held up very nicely.

Next, for part two of the experiment, I'm going to have a go at a tea tree roll-on deodorant that I saw on Julie's Blog Towards Sustainability.

Shall let you know how it goes.

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Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Oh my gawd that woman has her boobie out! :o Glad yer pits don't pong! PS hos come her boobies stay in the air? I thought I'd lost mine the other morning but it was ok they were under me armpits (Dove deodorant! Joe wouldn't smell my pits if I asked him, if he did he'd get tickled!!)

belinda said...

:-) glad to hear..

I keep meaning to try it when I run out of my rock but by then it's so long since I made the decision to try it out that I forget.

Kind Regards

Quixotic said...

Oh!! This sounds interesting... Okay, it's time for a confession. I don't wear deodorant, or anti-perspirant. Of any kind. TRUST ME, I am not some weird hippy "embrace your natural smell" kind of chick, but I am highly suspicous of rubbinf chemicals on my skin, and fortunately I don't sweat much. I have asked my hubby, sister and incredibly blunt friends, and they all say they would have no idea I wasn't wearing any deodorant, I smell fine. If I am in the garden or walking the dog etc., I just have a shower straight after. The only place I wear it is to the gym or to Zumba - man, I have never sweated so much as doing that!!!

Mel said...

Your husband is a keeper. I am not so sure mine would have been too keen to help.

Melissa @ Suger Coat It said...

Hahahaha. My Hubby would have caved days earlier! Closer to when your mum opted out. Great post.