Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exsqueeze Me...

So sorry for all and any inconveniences to anyone who hasn't been able to get to the blog via http//  Have been moving ISPs from dotster to hover (I have no idea what that means, hubs is the IT Consultant and so I leave these matters in his hands).

This almighty decision (which has much to do with dotser charging an annual fee to hide our name, address and phone number on has necessitated a great deal of Being Cut Off, Not Found On Servers, and my becoming a victim of Registry Maintenance.  Yes, been losing sleep over that one.

However, all is now complete (apparently) and my slow descent into lunacy/weird gardening lady will once more be broadcast on the internet.


Have spent entire day in car today and have nothing else of interest to say except that the traffic on Penny Hills Road SUX.  Bazza (O'Farrell - new NSW Overlord) we NEED a solution to join the M2 to the F3 quick smart and don't you go whining about deficits to me.

Sorry, did I say that was going to be of interest? I apologise.

And for outlanders, the M2 is a major highway with trucks n stuff (and a main route from the south).  It is attached to Pennant Hills road (which is a horrific suburban artery road - not designed for 600 BDoubles an hour).  Which, in turn, is the only route to the F3 - a major highway which, naturally, is the only route north to the rest of the whole of Australia.  At the moment its costing about one life a month - and today hubs and I were nearly involuntarily contributed to that number.


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Sam-O said...

Here, Here!

So need to remove that little joyless journey down Pennant Hills road to get between M2 and F3.

I doubt Bazza will have it too high o his priorities (even though it is right in his backyard!), we can dream though!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

We can dream!!