Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sliding off the planet

So for the last four days I've had a cold.  But not just any cold, OH HELL NO - I mean this is me and my colds must be special, rather than common.  You see, instead of starting with a sore throat and moving on to sneezing, drippy nose etc, this wretched cold has taken up residence in my sinuses and inner ear, completely and utterly nixing my ability to balance, and turning my ability to hear on and off as the mood takes it.

Mmm. Interesting no?  (Don't answer that).  

So up until yesterday I was dogged by the sensation that I was falling over to the left, even when lying down. I kept wanting to lie on the floor and hold on.  Though I did refrain from this (have not vacuumed in an age and the dog is moulting). Instead I tried to beat it into submission by lying on the couch in my underwear, watching daytime talkshows and eating chocolate (lindt, natch).  Sadly there is no photo of this.

It seems to have worked.  Today things are improving, the cold is turning in to a proper cold (well yes, that would make it common, but its in my head so therefore it is still special - just ask hubs).  And though I've got that dizzy, spinny feeling you get when pissed and lying in bed trying not to hurl, I have managed to be up and about, and trying to catch up on all the domestic drudgery I let slide.

Well, let me clarify, I have been in the kitchen, cooking things I could eat as I was preparing them. Things with a lot of sugar and butter in them.  Like lemon curd. A lot of lemon curd.

I now have a scorching case of indigestion - damn cold, affecting my digestive system in such a way.

Anyhoo, I was going to ramble on about the garden, but I think I'll go and lie down and try not to slide off the face of the planet.


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Anonymous said...

Hold on tight and get better soon.

Doodah said...

I've had the same cold - my ears have been blocked for 15 days! Can't hear a thing (not so bad with the kids around). Things are starting to move though, disgusting but all a means to an end...hopefully.
Feel better soon and stuff the housework.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Ooh feel better soon! ♥

Mel said...

Hold on tight and get better soon.