Friday, October 07, 2011

3 Year Old Apple Trees

This is the third year I've had my apple trees in.

To my utter delight it looks like the Granny Smith is going to bear some fruit (famous last words!!).
Love that pink
As I have banged on about before, our climate, here in the northern 'burbs of Sydney, is exactly in-between sub-tropical and temperate.  When I bought the apples and pears for the front garden I was under the impression we were temperate, but since then I've figured out that we're a bit too warm to be properly temperate.  As apples need set times below certain temperatures to bear fruit, I've always had a sneaking suspicion that we're not going to get very far with them.

But, the Granny Smith is performing this year, and all the others did the right things, ie went dormant at the right times, so maybe, eventually, we'll get something out of them.
Potential apples
In hindsight, I would've bought sub-tropical type apples from Daleys Fruit, rather than temperate type from Diggers.  But, yanno, live and learn.

The pears are not happy, by the way, not happy at all.  I expect I'll eventually move them to some quiet corner and leave them to their own devices.

This is an On My Mind post, with Rhonda at Down to Earth (brilliant blog if you haven't discovered it yet).

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Mel said...

We love granny smith apples.  I hope you get a shit load of them!!

Paola said...

Yep, know what you mean about being exactly between sub-tropical and temperate. It's like that here on the South Coast. Not really warm enough for mangoes and bananas, not really cold enough for apples, pears and stone fruit. Still, last year we got our first decent crop of apples - 7 years after the trees went in. If you get some apples after three, I reckon you are doing well.

Rose said...

I think you are doing well with apples in Sydney.