Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Clawing back the Routine - Part 1: Meal Planning

Following the ups and downs of the last few months, our home routine has descended into having no routine at all.  Haphazardry is the name of the day, chaos reigns and stress levels for this poor weary Mum are flying high.  In addition to this, Aspie kids crave routine, Miss 5 is no exception and changes in routine (or not understanding what's going to happen next) lead to spectacular levels of anxiety followed by meltdown after tantrum.

Nothing is getting done, untidiness is creeping over all the surfaces, I'm making almost daily trips to the supermarket, bills are being forgotten to be paid, budgeting consists of checking the bank balance on my phone before filling up the car with petrol, I've put on 8kgs, the bathroom looks like a public toilet, the clean laundry pile is gigantic, the dirty laundry pile is worse, I have no idea when I last bathed the kids... well you get the picture.

Big fat heaving mess.

So, its time to fix things.

Step 1: Meal Planning
This is the fundamental basis of a good household routine and is now my weekly priority.
I'll be doing it each Saturday in consultation with husband and children
  • Plan 7 evening meals - down to the last ingredient
    • Monday: Chicken and rice
    • Tuesday: Prawn and vegie fried rice
    • Wednesday: Baked falafels (homemade)
    • Thursday: Ham and corn pasta salad
    • Friday: Eggs 
    • Saturday: BBQ Pork and vegies
    • Sunday: Grilled salmon
  • Plan at least 5 lunches - make sure you have the basics such as...
    • bread - we go through a loaf a day, stock up the freezer
    • cheese
    • vegemite
    • fruit / dried fruit
    • savory biscuits
    • If you are stuck for lunch ideas or get in a fluster about it, I find it helps to keep in mind that kids need serves of carbohydrate (bread, savory biscuits), protein (meat, cheese, peanut butter), fruit, and dairy
  • Breakfast basics
    • Cereal
    • Bread
    • Milk
    • Up and Go, or similar, is a lifesaver when the morning has gone pear-shaped
Make a list and be sure to include cleaning and bathroom stuff as well.
Send husband to supermarket

That's it.  That is the first step.  I just did it.  It took me an hour.

There is loads more, and I'll blog about it over the coming weeks, but for now the cornerstone of getting things back in order has been laid.

Yay me.

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